Make time to rest

⁣⁠⁣⁠I’ve been following doctor’s orders and resting my neck a lot over the past few days, even though I have SO. MUCH. TO DO. But I know resting it will speed up the healing process as my body adjusts to getting back in alignment. ⁣⁠⁣⁠Remember, our physical health and mental health are connected, so take … Read moreMake time to rest

Never stop searching for answers about your health

If I had stopped digging into my health issues, I wouldn’t have this X-ray, which led to what I hope is the answer to my Meniere’s disease.⁣⁠⁣⁣⁠⁣ This is one of several images showing a misalignment of my atlas (top) vertebra, and how it has triggered the rest of my spine to be lopsided. You … Read moreNever stop searching for answers about your health

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