#IChooseBeauty Challenge

30 days. 30 photos. 30 scientifically proven ways to find happiness.

This is for the melancholy. The downhearted. The woeful, the glum, and the dispirited.

When life gets you down, #ICHOOSEBEAUTY

It’s one-part challenge, one-part practice, one-part lifestyle — and it’s a whole new psychosocial method for increasing how content you feel with your life… even when you’ve been through the worst.

All you need are 30 days and a camera phone. I’ll guide you every single day. And by the end of those 30 days, the research proves that even if you have major depression (like I do), you can benefit from positive effects on your mood, your outlook, your attitude, your perspectives, your worldview.

Imagine taking a forced time-out, every single day, to appreciate something beautiful that you might not have noticed otherwise. Do you suppose that eventually your lens on the world might start to cast a different tint? Sure, it would—and that’s precisely why #ICHOOSEBEAUTY is so effective: by purposely focusing on the good, we actually begin to see more of it.

It’s a game of psychological optics, helping you to re-focus your eye on the abundance of beauty we all take for granted—and less on that which does not serve us. Positive Psychology researchers have found that if you notice and appreciate beauty, you’re more likely to find joy and meaning in everyday life… even decrease your levels of depression.

By engaging in this simple act, once a day, you can and will begin to feel more hopeful about the world we live in and, in turn, about any situations you happen to find yourself in—which means you’ll be better equipped to handle them.

One photo. Once a day. For 30 days.

Because it’s not about changing what you see.

It’s about changing the angle.

Read how #ICHOOSEBEAUTY helped me to survive my deep depression, and how this project originally got started.


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