Meaning Behind the Mantras: LET IT GO


LET IT GO is one of the mantras I still struggle with, and have to seriously say to myself: “Sahar, stop. Just let it go!” I have a hard time hanging on to things that hurt me in the past or things that didn’t go well… and that’s not good for my mental health.

The other meaning of this mantra is this — You know how you have a vision of what your life is supposed to be? And then things go in a completely different direction? I’ve learned that you have to let go of how you thought things SHOULD be, and instead focus on the opportunities right in front of you. Again… this is a tough one for me! I’m a stubborn soul.

I talk more about the meaning behind LET IT GO in a video in my Instagram Stories, and will save it to my Instagram Highlights so it’ll always be available for you. xxoo

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