See beauty, share beauty, spread beauty

If you scroll through the #ichoosebeauty feed (“recent posts”), you’ll see pictures of beauty that many of you in this incredible Instagram community have posted. Pictures that make you AND other people feel good (myself included). I can’t tell you how much I LOVE seeing your pictures! They always brighten my day. 😎 So… I … Read moreSee beauty, share beauty, spread beauty

Becoming as healthy as “healthy” can be for me

In my family, I’m jokingly (or maybe they’re serious? 🤷🏽‍♀️) known as the food police. I’m pretty picky about all things food – not just what I eat, but what everyone else eats. 🤣JK. Kind of. 🤔I also know all the rules about how long certain foods should sit out etc., and try to enforce … Read moreBecoming as healthy as “healthy” can be for me

Look for the opportunity in your crisis

I feel like I’m constantly challenged with this one, because… life, right? It seems like there’s always something happening that we didn’t expect. But when we look for some kind of opportunity during those difficult times, it can help us get through them. For example… my recent Meniere’s disease diagnosis and subsequent 10 weeks of … Read moreLook for the opportunity in your crisis

BREATHE pendant (and grounding tool)

I wear this BREATHE pendant almost every day, not just because it’s pretty …but also because it’s a great grounding tool. I hold it for comfort when I’m anxious or stressed and my mind is racing. It reminds me that I can calm down by taking a few deep breaths.⠀ Shop the BREATHE pendant here. … Read moreBREATHE pendant (and grounding tool)

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