#IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – Animals

You’ve probably heard that animals can help us feel better and improve our mood. But you don’t have to own a pet to participate in today’s challenge. If you have a furry friend or two, snap a photo of him/her/them. If you don’t, just take a screenshot of your favorite type of animal or post … Read more #IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – Animals

#IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – Make Your Own Beauty

When I was in the thick of my depression, I couldn’t always see something of beauty to post. But I knew that on those tough days it was even more important to find something. That’s when I figured out that sometimes you have to make your own beauty and do something nice for yourself. That’s … Read more #IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – Make Your Own Beauty

#IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – A Drink

Today’s challenge is to take a picture of something you like to drink – maybe it’s your morning cup of coffee, a smoothie, or a glass of wine. Whatever you enjoy. Take a minute to really savor it and appreciate it today instead of just going through the motions. Can’t wait to see your pics! … Read more #IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – A Drink

#IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – A Tree

Welcome to the #IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge! I’m so excited that you are joining me for 14 days, and hope that this project can help change how you see the world as it has done for me.Today’s challenge is to take a picture of a tree. Any tree. Just one that you think is pretty. Maybe … Read more #IChooseBeauty Photo Challenge – A Tree

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